Why Marriage Therapy Fails

Each year hundreds of thousands of couples seek Marital Therapy hoping that would be the key to saving their marriage. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. In fact, Marital Therapy can undo any progress you are already making, and actually cause the opposite result and move you two one step close to a divorce. When we went to Marital Therapy, we did not find it much use to us at all. Here are the startling revelations about the affects of traditional Marriage Therapy.


Why does Marriage Therapy fail?

The Majority of marriage therapist are still offering treatment that does not get to the heart of what makes a long term relationship last. perhaps the biggest myth of all is that communication and more specifically learning to resolve your conflicts is the high road to romance and enduring happy marriage. The message you get from matrital therapy is pretty uniform : Learn to communicate better. While communication is important, but it is not the root cause of a fail marriage for most marriages. The real issue is the misperception of each other build on years of hurts and pains. The couple is not creating a sense of connection of being a team - the WEness.

If you have ever gone to therapy, I am sure you have the experience of feeling confused, lost,depressed, just not yourself. You are hoping that the therapist could offer you some solutions, but you even finished explain your problems, the hour was over, not only the therapist had enough time to offer suggestion, he or she did have sufficient time to turely grasp what was going wrong in your life. When time ran out, you were probably right snapped at in the middle of very emotional state. You went home feeling crappy. That was exactly what you bargained for. Then you waited whole week or two for your next appointment and started the whole process all over again. but you noticed that it was really difficult to gain any attraction again. Because you were back at square. You left your therapist's office no knowing how long this would take and having no concrete action plans.

What kind of help do you need?

You need to understand the principles that make marriages work. Principles are foundational. If you want better finances, you will need to get out of debt quickly and start saving. If you want better healthy, you will need to eat a healthy diet and excericse regularly. It is exactly same thing with your marriage. By understanding and applying the principle, you will be able to know the whys and what you need to do differently.

You need to have a concrete detailed plans within a time frame so you can get the result you want and stick to your plan!. After all you want the results , right?

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