Building a REAL Friendship in your Marriage

A real marriage must contain a real friendship. A connection that is spontaneous, often surprising and involves the both of you. You don’t have to wait until a special occasion, like a Birthday to truly show your love. A marriage that contains small gifts of friendship create a happy marriage because they act as a reminder and brings daily and weekly times of bonding and connection. So, don’t wait! Be proactive and involve your partner in rituals of friendship. Here is a list that we have found very useful in our own marriage and we hope you can implement these with some of your own. The more creative, the better!

Have meaningful conversations; talk about your goals, hopes, dreams, pains, fears and anxieties.

Tell each other the highlight of your day. Obviously, it has to be something positive. Do this everyday. It can be something you did or something you enjoyed doing as a couple.

Wake up each morning and do 10 minutes of concentrated meditation; Tony Robbin’s exercise is good.

Take turns to organize a “date” where you go somewhere together where you either relax or have some fun.

Watch some comedy together, and remember to laugh as much as you can everyday. A live show is best!

Try to say daily appreciations to each other; compliment each other and try a different one everyday.

Surprise your partner with a small gift, whenever you can, and get creative and plan what you can get based on something that your partner may have talked about.

Greet each other warmly when you first see each other. It will set your day out right.

Take turns to give each other a massage, whether it be a head or shoulder massage.

Have dinner together and put your phones away. Be attentive to each other each meal.

Start planning your next holiday. Plan together and watch videos together about the destination.

A hug and kiss go a long way. The more you can express these genuinely, especially during any time of conflict or absence goes such a long way. Try to keep that daily physical connection there.

If you partner has a problem, sit them down and ask if they want to talk about it and really listen to them. Show them you are there for them on a daily basis.

Share and do the household chores. Help each other lighten the load of daily routine and responsibilities.

Buy their favorite food and surprise them.

Plan a day of afternoon where you binge eat and watch something you both enjoy. We enjoy binge eating olives, chocolate, twisties, and ice-cream.

Learn a new skill together. You could try an evening class or a hobby you both are interested in learning.

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